Updated: March 12, 2022

Dear Clients and friends,

Thank you so much for your continued trust in our services as we navigate through finding our new “normal”. With cases dropping each day, we become more trusting that science, and our careful thought for one another, will allow us all to find normalcy again!


  1. All clients should arrive no more than 5 minutes before their scheduled start time. If your trainer/therapist is available earlier, they will call or text you so that you can come in. Otherwise, the door may be locked until your scheduled start time. Our studio phone number is (781) 697-7331.
  2. All clients may be asked to take a touch-less temperature check upon arrival to the studio, followed by a short survey of questions. Any temperatures 100 degrees or higher will not be allowed to enter the studio for any reason. 
  3. All clients must sanitize their hands before touching any item in the studio, or before going into the massage room
  4. All clients are asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer at the end of each session
  5. All clients have the ability to log in to their online account on our services pages and can leave their card on file for touch-less payment options. 
  6. FACE MASKS:  A mask must be worn during the full duration of your stay at Level Up. An exception will be made for face down massage treatment only,  where a face cot will be created out of a pillowcase, allowing you to remove your mask.
  7. Your Massage Therapist: During the entire massage treatment, your therapist must be wearing gloves, and a face mask. As always, all sheets and face coverings will be changed in between each client.

Supporting Level Up

Many of you have asked about ways that you can continue to help support our Small Business through this pandemic! Your check-ups, check-ins, kind words, donations, and gift card purchases mean so much to us!

Here are some ways you can help support our Local, Small Business!

1. Find Us On Social Media!

We are working hard on building a virtual fitness and recovery library for our loyal members! (We are also taking workout requests and recovery requests. Just reply back to this email).  We will be sharing some of this great information on our social media, and we hope that you may also share it with your friends and family, if you feel it may be of value to them!

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2. Leave Us A Review!

There is no better advertisement that word of mouth from happy customers! Tell us how we are doing, and help us attract like-minded individuals to join our community!

Thank You!

The Level Up Team