The luxury of a Personal Trainer, for the cost of a class. Share your Personal Trainer with up to 7 other people in our group training strength and endurance classes

Muscular Therapy

For many of us, chronic pain is an everyday reality. Muscular therapy and bodywork can help relieve chronic pain, injuries, break up scar tissue, increase flexibility and restore balance to your entire body.

Personal Training

We offer customized 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions that focus on Resistance Training, Weight loss, injury prevention, and creating a healthy life balance for every lifestyle!

On-Demand Fitness

Download the app, choose your program, get started today!

6 Weeks from now, You’ll wish you started Today!

  • One on one coaching sessions with a qualified personal trainer

  • Live weekly sessions, On-demand classes and Home workout programs catered to your personal goals

  • Track your weight, activity, food journal and so much more in one convenient app

  • Text your trainer 24/7 with questions or for motivation!

  • Lose weight, build muscle, have fun, build community!

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At Level Up Fitness and Wellness Center, we believe in reaching new heights at any age and any stage.

Our mission is to build physical, mental and emotional strength, using fitness, bodywork and nutrition coaching.

On the surface, Level Up programs are clinically sound, high quality, data-based and personalized for all ages, with a fun, urban point of view that resonates with everyone!  

Below the surface, our programs build strength from the inside out.  At Level Up, we train each client to recognize how every choice affects their body, and how to navigate everyday situations with freedom, not restriction. 

Our methods are designed to empower! With skill progressions, positive feedback and open communication, we are able to facilitate progress in a fast-paced environment. Our programs develop self-esteem, set-empowernment and self-respect, while growing fitter and more capable with each day!

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