One-on-One Personal Training

Our Training

We offer customized 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions that focus on Resistance Training, Weight loss, injury prevention and creating healthy life balance for every lifestyle! We specialize in Functional Fitness, muscle gain, and muscle/joint pain reduction. We use these tools to help our clients lose weight, building strength and power. Whether you are looking to lift big, lose wight, run a marathon, or simply go for a pain-free walk, our BUILD Method will take you there! At Level Up, we are the educators of safe, functional fitness, building strength in our community.

What is the BUILD Method?

B  Believe you can achieve the goals you desire!

U  Unravel the fears and limitations that hold you back.

 Individualize each goal to match your strengths and limitations.

Level Up each goal in a strategic progression.

D Discover your physical, mental and emotional potential!

What you Get:

  • Make, and modify appointments around your life with our Top Level Personal Trainers!
  • Online goal tracking, and program specialization based on your individual goals
  • Message your trainer 24/7 through our convenient app
  • Access Exclusive Nutrition and Wellness Vlogs that are requested by YOU!