Many of us are now preparing to return to our places of work, after a long spell of working from home and it may be adding stress to our lives.

• What will this mean for our new exercise and eating routines?

• Are we putting ourselves and our children at risk of getting COVID and other flus?

• What do we need to do to remain as safe as possible?

• If your children are in childcare, how do you ensure they get their nutritious food?

It will be helpful to be organized around food and exercise for you and your family, as we return to our “normal” activities. What day can you devote an hour to meal prepping? Or Maybe you would have a easier time preparing lunch the night before. What healthy foods do you enjoy that you can keep an abundance of at home? Quick snacks can be super helpful in warding hunger off while you put together a well balanced meal.

Where can you find 20 minutes to dedicate to your exercise regimen? If you are heading back to the office, you could walk right after lunch, and be done by the time your shift ends. Morning bird? Maybe you make it the first thing you do everyday, so you don’t have to worry about what the day will bring? If not, try bringing your workout clothes to work with you and change before you leave work. This will increase the chances of you getting to the gym and getting it done!

It was a huge change to not go to the office. But we all adapted. Now we may not be sure we want to return! It can be a complicated process and might be easier to deal with if you can break it down into manageable pieces. Be patient with yourself and your family members, you will all work to re-adjust!

Take stock of what is working now with regard to familial and personal responsibilities. Look at your successes these past many months and use them to figure out a strategy to continue behaviors that have kept you healthy AND/OR create new behaviors that will provide healthier outcomes.

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