The holidays season is approaching! That means, food, candy canes, briskets, stuffing, and lots of other goodies are next on the menu. I bet you are thinking of just forgetting all of your hard work, and starting fresh with a New Years Resolution, aren’t you? Not so fast. What if we found a way to have our cake and eat it too? (or apple pie? Insert favorite holiday food here). 

 Since food is an important part of many holidays, celebrations, family and cultural traditions, Consider these 7 tips for fully enjoying the holiday season without gaining weight!

 1. Go for a Walk

Go for a walk, or mini workout with family before the festivities. Your body will get a head start at burning calories, and you’ll digest more efficiently.

2. Have Seconds

You read that right. Have a small plate of food now, then wait a hour, and have seconds, if your still hungry. Or pack yourself a plate to go. Most people will find that they are satisfied with the smaller portion when given enough time to digest it. Even if you eat more food, your body will appreciate the time to digest properly in between. 

3. Snacks before Dinner

Eating a light snack before going to holiday dinner parties will eliminate your desire to fill your plate. Some trail mix or fruit should be enough, and when you arrive to the event, you will be more likely to eat a smaller portion and still feel satisfied.  

4. Log your food ahead of time

Log the foods you want to eat in your food tracker before the feast. Decide which foods you really want to eat, and calculate how much you can have before you get there. I just use for convenience from my phone. 

5. Choose your beverages wisely

Ciders, Juices, sodas, and alcohol are all super high in calories. They can quickly take up your caloric FOOD intake, if you are not careful. Try light wines and beers, and non-alcoholic mixers (soda waters etc) for social drinking. I’m not saying you can’t drink the Egg Nog (I LOVE THE EGG NOG), I’m saying to just enjoy one, and find less filling drinks to socialize with. My social drink of choice is a flavored vodka and seltzer, and 2 limes. It’s less than 50 calories and tastes great! 

6. Have a little…

If you really want the food being served, have a small helping. Then double up on the vegetables and nutritious helpings to keep you full. You will get to taste everything, but only fill up on the good stuff.

7. Enjoy your holiday festivities! 

Overeating one day won’t make you gain weight! It will take days of overeating for that to happen. Have a day to enjoy yourself, and get back on track tomorrow. 

Now go out and enjoy the holiday season!