Small Group Training and Group Classes appear to be very similar at the surface. Both programs are based on Group-based Fitness. But there are very significant differences in the quality of each program. The difference is in the name.

Group Fitness Class: Instructor led program, with predominantly aerobic exercises, broad enough for most audiences to attend

Small Group Training: A small group, structured exercise program, led by Certified Specialists that targets the 5 elements of overall health:

  1. Aerobic Training
  2. Strength Training
  3. Core Exercise
  4. Balance Training
  5. Flexibility and Stretching

Here are some PROS and CONS of Group Classes VS Small Group Training Sessions. Hopefully this will help you become more informed about the different types of programs avalable to you, and choose the one that fits best with your Personal goals.



Group classes are most commonly seen in large gyms, opposed to boutique fitness classes. They often come with a general gym membership, which allows you to use the facility, as well as attend any class on the schedule for a low monthly fee. Where the class capacity is commonly a minimum of 10 people, there is plenty of flexibility in signing up for classes with little chance of them closing out.


In a traditional gym setting with a membership price betwenn $10-$60 per month, there can be thousands of members attending that facility. With class sizes between 10 and 50 people per 1 hour class, the instructors are taught to give general recommendations for optimal fitness, but often cannot correct individuals. This could mean that you may be squatting incorrectly, that could lead to pain and dysfunction, without a instuctor available to help you with it. In addition, group class instructors do not have to be Certified Personal Trainers, leading to a potential decrease in the programming and/or quality of instruction.



Small Group Training, is newer to the fitness scene, but it’s goal is to provide higher quality training than group classes. It allows the Personal ‘trainers to see to it that  their clients will reach their goals safer, and faster. We do this by keeping our member base lower so that we notice when you miss a session, and can hold you accountable to reaching your goals. We host smaller class sizes of up to 6 people,  allowing for each individual to be observed, and ensure that you are safe throughout each exercise. Our Small Group Training instructors are Personal Trainers and Certified Specialists, who are able to offer specific advice to each client.  Small Group Training Sessions are best described as the quality of Persoanl Trainer, at a more affordable price point, and a small, like-minded community to share experience and motivation with.


Where we strongly believe in the value of Small Group Training, and find it hard to come up with any cons, there are some we feel obligated to share with you. The most noteable are that the price points are much more affordable than Personal Training, but definitely a higher price point that group classes. The going rate for Personal Trainers in Boston is anywhere between $85-$100 per hour. You are paying for a Personal Trainer, and splitting the price with other members to make it more affordable for a longer period of time. With smaller class sizes, you are also more likely to plan ahead, as sessions can sell out faster. We recommend finding Small Group Training that allows you to book online, in order to get the most optimal classes for your schedule.

The Small Group Fitness Community



  • At Level Up Fitness Waltham, we thrive on our sense of community. Everyone working together with the same goal of bettering ourselves.
  • With Training sessions of 6 people or less, you can trust that you are getting the most out of every exercise.
  • We understand the daily life challenges that often get in the way of our ability to keep up with a regular exercise schedule. That is why we offer Unlimited Small Group Training with online scheduling, so that you can come as often as you would like, and can schedule and reschedule in a few easy clicks.
  • We want you to get the biggest bang for your buck. For just $150 per month, you receive our Unlimited Small Group Membership! Choose from over 15 classes per week!
  • One of the best parts about our program, is that we provide a variety of different kinds of training sessions, allowing you to pick the sessions that best meet your goals. Take a look at our Training descriptions:

TRANSFORM 101 (Strength, Core Training): A Level Up signature class! This Intro Course to Lifting Free Weights will help enforce best practices to tone muscles, create total body muscle definition, and decrease body fat. Appropriate for all levels! H.I.I.T Fit (Aerobic Training): Level Up your cardio / endurance in this high intensity interval training session. Interval training is known to keep your heart pumping in the fat burning zone for a higher caloric burn. H.I.I.T Fit is a great challenge for all Fitness levels. BootCamp (Aerobic, Strength Training)[}: Our Trainers delight! Explore a variety of exercises, hand picked to challenge you in each class. Challenge your will-power in a fun and friendly environment. Appropriate for all fitness levels and abilities Integrative Yoga (Flexibility,  Stretching Balance): A Vinyasa style yoga, integrated with hip, shoulders and upper back stabilizing exercises for a posture reforming, high energy flowing, complete workout with a laid back atmosphere.

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